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what's news

GBS does it again!!

The GBS team would like to congratulate Zanele Chinyanta, winner of the JS Ford Award for the best overall marks in the Diploma in Brewing. It was a pleasure to train such a dedicated person. We wish you all the best for your career in brewing!

The 2019 gbsOnline training courses are now live for registration!

The Diploma in Brewing courses have all been updated with new tutorials for the coming year and with comprehensive feedback.

Go to the training calendar for more information and registration. If there is something that you want to do, but cannot find it, please email us on [email protected]

Note: The training will only go live on 7th January 2019.

Global Beverage Solutions boot camp sessions. What are they?

As part of the online training, we ran our first round of boot camp sessions at the end of the course and just in time for the June 2018 examinations, and they were very well received by the Diploma in Brewing candidates.

So this year, we plan to expand the boot camps to the Diploma in Packaging and Master in Brewing candidates, as well as introducing tutor sessions during the programme, to take candidates through the material before they head off into the revision process. There will be three additional tutoring sessions as well as the end of course boot camp and all of this is included in the sign on cost!

Go to the Online Training section for more information or to the training calendar to see when the next set of courses will be run.

Or email us for more information on [email protected]

GCB in Spanish for anyone??

Following on from the long running successful General Certificate in Brewing online training course, GBS has broken new ground again in the world of brewing training, by launching a Spanish version of the GCB. This course is specifically designed for those candidates who are registered for the Spanish version of the GCB examination with the IBD in London.

The course comprises of the normal GBS attributes like training notes and mulitiple choice question tutorials. The tutorials may be attempted as many times as the delegate desires as each tutorial is randomly generated from a database on the topic. Once the tutorial is completed, the candidate submits the tutorials and gets instantaneous feedback and explanations to each question.

What people say about GBS training ...

“I would like to say a big thank you to your team for contributing immensely to my success in the recently concluded IBD exams. The training offered by your company in no small measure enhanced my Brewing knowledge and test taking skills.

In addition, the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by your facilitators (Andrew and Clive) were second to none. They were always willing to assist and answer all our questions. I must confess, I was greatly inspired to do exceptionally well in order to compensate them for their time and effort.

My sincere wish is that you keep up the good work of training in order to remain the foremost Brewing consulting company in Africa, helping to produce some of the finest talents in Brewing.

Thanks once more for this privilege. I remain grateful for the experience and I dedicate the award to you all.”     William Ozowe, Winner of John S Ford Award

“Global Beverage Solutions has helped me prepare in advance for the exams through helpful tutorials and the comprehensive online feedback.  The tutorials, lecture notes and one on one feedback from the course co-ordinators Ian Jones and Clive Belcher helped prepare me months in advance for the IBD examinations. The diploma in brewing III course run by Clive Belcher helped reinforce my knowledge of packaging and engineering. The presentation was exciting with stimulus on all levels (videos, simulations and mock tests).

I can confidently say that both Ian and Clive are highly knowledgeable about the brewing industry and are up to date with their material.

They are excellent mentors and coaches and have really helped me get a step closer to becoming a world class brewer.“     Kavir Parthab, Winner of John S Ford Award

If GBS can help two young Africans become the best in the world, think how we may be able to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us now on [email protected] to discuss tailor-made options for success in the IBD examinations next year.

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