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Master Brewer II

This course is designed for those candidates that have registered for the Master Brewer II examination with the IBD.

The course will consist of nine tutorials, each comprising a tutorial which needs to be submitted for marking.

All questions are taken from past IBD examinations and are frequently asked topics in the examinations.
Start date: 08 January 2018
End date: 30 June 2018
Registration closes: 30 April 2018
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Fees and payment
This course is designed for those candidates that have registered for the Master Brewer examination with the IBD.

The Master Brewer is the highest level of brewing qualification offered by the IBD. It is a measure of the level of a candidate's competence in the technical management of the brewing processes. Although they are competence-based assessments, it is essential that the candidate has a background which includes a detailed technical knowledge of the scientific theory and principles that underpins the process.

This qualification is only available for candidates who have successfully completed their Diploma in Brewing.

Typical candidates are team leaders or operational/technical managers in breweries. Successful candidates are considered to be sufficiently technically competent to take up senior production management positions in the industry.
This service is available at a cost of $700 per module.

This fee is payable in advance and please note that access to the training and tutorials will not be given until the training fees have been paid.

Please note that registration with the IBD to do the examination, is a separate cost and process and must be completed directly with the IBD (www.ibd.org.uk).
All rights are reserved for the training material and tutorials.
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