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training calendar

Diploma in Packaging II

This course is designed for those candidates that have registered for the Diploma in Packaging II examination with the IBD.

The course will consist of nine tutorials, each comprising of a set of multiple choice questions, some short questions to test your knowledge of the syllabus and a tutorial which needs to be submitted for marking.

All questions are taken from the training material which is provided and are frequently asked topics in brewing and the IBD examinations.

This year there are a series of boot camps, conducted by a GBS tutor, the dates of which will be communicated to you on registration.

Prior to the examination, a tutor will run a lectured boot camp, which will revise the work required for the examination. This boot camp will be a series of lectures conducted daily, so please ensure that you make time for this excellent revision programme.
Start date: 07 January 2019
End date: 30 June 2019
Registration closes: 03 May 2019
Who's this for?
Fees and payment
This course is designed for those candidates that have registered for the Diploma in Beverage Packaging examination with the IBD.

The Diploma in Beverage Packaging qualification provides global recognition for professionals who are specialists in this vital area of the production process.

Typical candidates are team leaders, operational managers and technicians.

This qualification is also ideal for craft brewers wanting a good technical understanding of the science of packaging.
This service is available at a cost of $950 per module.

This fee is payable in advance and please note that access to the training and tutorials will not be given until the training fees have been paid.

Please note that registration with the IBD to do the examination, is a separate cost and process and must be completed directly with the IBD (www.ibd.org.uk).
All rights are reserved for the training material and tutorials.
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