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learning and development

GBS provides comprehensive brewery related training for all aspects of manufacturing, packaging and engineering processes. Course range from Basic Brewing Science to Advanced Brewing Science, Basic Packaging, Fundamentals of Utilities, Process Engineering and Process Control.

GBS also supports the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) qualifications. The IBD is an internationally recognised organization in the provision of training, development and qualifications in the brewing and distilling industries and GBS fully supports their qualifications.

Formerly known as the Institute and Guild of Brewing (IGB) until the start of 2005, the IBD was formed following the merger between the Institute of Brewing and the International Brewer's Guild, two distinguished organizations with a rich history and heritage. It is a truly global organization whose roots lie in the United Kingdom but whose presence is now felt in Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Americas and continental Europe. Its qualifications are the most widely accepted in the world.

The IBD currently offers various levels of qualification in the areas of brewing, packaging and distilling and GBS supports most of these qualifications. The list below details those qualifications that GBS supports through online training:

  • The General Certificate in Brewing and General Certificate in Packaging - an entry-level qualification covering the basics of brewing and packaging. The GCB is also offered in Spanish.
  • The Diploma in Brewing (formerly AME) - a thorough examination of the theory behind production, packaging and engineering in a brewery.
  • The Master Brewer (formerly DMB) - the flagship qualification for the professional brewer, allowing successful candidates to use the coveted title of Master Brewer.
  • The Diploma in Packaging - a thorough examination of the theory behind production, management and engineering in a modern packaging environment.  

Global Beverage Solutions is a recognised provider of training and development programmes leading towards the successful completion of the IBD examinations. Global Beverage Solutions is also the only Accredited Training Provider for the IBD to be based outside the United Kingdom. Through this expertise Global Beverage Solutions offers the most comprehensive package available to ensure success in the IBD examinations.

Our training programmes are separated into two sections:

  • Classroom based training in support of the IBD qualifications and general brewery training
  • Online training in support of the IBD qualifications

Contact Global Beverage Solutions directly on [email protected] for more detail on how they can help you as an individual or your company, or for programme details.

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