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Lecturer name Andrew Downes
Andrew has 15 years experience in the brewing industry and is an avid brewer and passionate craft brewer.
Lecturer job title GCB and DIB Lecturer
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Andrew Downes started out as an operator in a small independent brewery before finishing his BSc in Microbiology and later achieving his Institute of Brewing AME (equivalent of the Diploma in Brewing)

In 1998 he joined South African Breweries in new product development and then to the Maltings where he spent time as a maltings superintendent on of his projects was to to develop procedures and work instructions for the ISO systems.

Towards the end of 2001 Andrew moved to training to run the micro-brewery at the SAB Training Institute where his other focus was on operator and team leader training.

He joined GBS as an associate in 2009 where he does training for candidates for the IBD General Certificate in Brewing, IBD General Certificate in Packaging, IBD Diploma 1 and Diploma2.

Type Lecturer
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