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gbsCraft are delighted to offer the first ever training course and qualification specifically designed for Craft Brewers and enthusiastic home brewers who want to make the next step!

The course is designed specifically to address those nagging issues that craft and home brewers experience and invariably have no one to ask … now you can ask your lecturer … an experienced Master Brewer!

Why should you register?

If you are currently a craft brewer or brewery owner or are looking to open a craft brewery in the near future or are an enthusiastic home brewer, you need to attend this course. If you are just wanting to increase your fundamental understanding of the art of brewing (and some of the science and technology!), you are also most welcome to attend!

We guarantee this course will change your understanding of good brewing practice.

want to study further?

Look at the next pages to see what Global Beverage Solutions can offer you on-line to help increase your knowledge and chances of successfully qualifying as an internationally recognised brewer.

the ibd

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling is an internationally recognised organization in the provision of training, development and qualifications in the brewing and distilling industry.

Upcoming courses
General Certificate in Brewing
Start Date: August 2014
General Certificate in Packaging
Start Date: August 2014
Fundamentals of Craft Brewing
Start Date: August 2014
Meet the team
Clive Belcher
joined the business in April 2005 to expand the scope of the business from brewing to include both engineering and human resource development components.

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