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craft brewing


craft brewing

Over the last 10 years, the craft brewing industry has exploded in various parts of the world, mostly in first world countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and New Zealand.

The rest of the world has now seen that the consumer is keen for variety and diversity in their beer drinking and meer lager is no longer sufficient!

Unfortunately, with this explosion has come a number of 'investors' who are keen to make a quick buck but without understanding the art of brewing good beer or understanding how to make good beer and thus there has been a proliferation of poor quality beers.

Global Beverage Solutions, who have been the leaders in the online brewing training and development business for past ten years, have recognised the need for fundamental training of craft brewers and as such are proud to launch their latest addition to the GBS family, gbsCraft.

gbsCraft has been designed to assist you the craft brewer; home brewer; investor in craft breweries or the beer enthusiast, to learn more about brewing and to assist those of you in the front line with producing beer of the highest quality and standard.

Whether its training, consulting, raw materials supply or equipment vendors, the gbsCraft section will assist you, so please scroll down to the other pages in this section to investigate how gbsCraft can help you.
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