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project implementation

The success of any capital project does not lie only in how well the plant is installed, or the timeframes or cost constraints in which installation is achieved, but in the competence of staff to operate the plant optimally once the design and construction team has left site. Successfully achieving this objective relates not only to how well training is conducted during the project but the degree of ownership that is instilled in the operating staff.

Global Beverage Solutions has developed an implementation model which allows for the learning and development processes during a project to be managed, so that a competent team can be delivered at the end of the project.


Global Beverage Solutions offers a turnkey solution to managing these aspects of capital projects, including:
  1. Designing an organization to deliver the results required using defined work practices.
  2. Working with suppliers to develop the ideal training and development plan for the project including formal and on-the-job training.
  3. The management of this plan during installation and commissioning.
  4. The development of assessment material to ensure that staff are fully competent to operate the new plant.

To find out more about how Global Beverage Solutions can help you please contact us at [email protected].

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