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Global Beverage Solutions specialises in providing innovative learning and development solutions to the beverage and craft brewer industries. 

Global Beverage Solutions has lead the way in terms of changing the online and learning and development platforms, to provide learners and their companies with the best possible solutions to learning and development and today is utilised by most of the major brewers in the world as their supplier for learning and development.

Global Beverage Solutions can help your company in the following areas:

Brewery Learning and Development:
One of the core competencies of Global Beverage Solutions is in this area. As an accredited trainer for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD), Global Beverage Solutions can help you develop and implement learning and development programmes to enhance the competence, and hence productivity, of your brewery staff at all levels in the business and across all aspects of the value chain.

Global Beverage Solutions can also offer online training to help you through those tricky IBD exams. Based on the latest set of IBD results, we know that GBS achieved a 73% pass rate with candidates who studied through us versus a 38% pass rate for candidates who went on their own. I think these results speak for themselves!

Competency development:
Global Beverage Solutions can help you identify the competencies required in your company and provide expert advice on how to develop, achieve and manage the acquisition of them. It can also help you understand and deal with the implications of globally applied legislation in the area of human resource development.

Project Implementation:
One of the keys to any successful capital project implementation is the ability of the operating staff to take ownership of and understand the optimal operation of the new plant. Global Beverage Solutions can help you by identifying the optimal organisational structure to man your new plant, design and implement training programmes, and assess the operating staff for competence BEFORE the project and implementation teams leave site.

Global Beverage Solutions has been involved in human resource development across the world since its inception in 2002 and our valued global clientele include SABMiller, Diageo, Heineken, Fosters, Lion, Tetra Pak and IBD Asia Pacific.

We have also transported our skills to other non-brewing industries and have been extensively involved in introducing competence acquisition and restructuring to companies in the telecommunications and online marketing industries.

We have taken our skills to the emerging countries in Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, the African continent and Australasia and now we would like to introduce our skills portfolio, so please take time to browse through the website to see how Global Beverage Solutions can help YOU!

Given the massive interest in home brewing and craft brewing, GBS has developed a range of programmes to assist the fledgling home brewer or the more accomplished craft brewer, to understand the science of brewing.

We offer the following craft brewing courses:

Fundamentals of Craft Brewing:

This course is a classroom based and practical course which covers all the aspects of technical brewing, including the supply of utilities and an introduction to packaging. This course also includes a couple of practical brew days with experienced master brewers.

Essentials of Craft Brewing (coming soon!):

This is an online course which comprises of 9 modules, and provides the learner with a set of training notes, a work book, practical exercises and a set of assessments.

If you are interested in any of the craft brewing courses, then please drop us an email at [email protected] and one of us will come back to you.

Meet the team
Clive Belcher
joined the business in April 2005 to expand the scope of the business from brewing to include both engineering and packaging; and new human resource development components.

He now runs the business and leads a team of experienced consultants, all of whom are specialist in their fields. GBS is ideally positioned to assist you with any learning and development issue in your business.

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